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Screen Making Equipment

Screen Making Equipment

TechStlyer ThermoImpression System


EXILE’s TECHStyler gives screen printers an exceptionally affordable, new wide-format film output solution enabling the efficient printing of full body graphics right to the edge while producing full-size 600 x 600 dpi film up to 14” wide. EXILE’s Closed Loop Registration (CLR) control ensures tight registration and delivers both accuracy and consistency. The new TECHStyler is capable of producing professional, on-demand, film separations right in your own shop—without a darkroom, without a processor and without chemicals.
The bottom line: wider edge to edge printability, better day to day performance, improved resolution and registration, less waste, lower costs and affordable price.


The KIWOMAT SIMPLEX is based on the KIWOMAT PRO with the same sturdy two-column design, precision chain drive and pneumatically controlled coating trough actuation. The attractive price / performance ratio is achieved through thoughtful engineering, single size (53″ x 54″) and multi-machine production and not by lower grade materials. As a result the KIWOMAT SIMPLEX performs as well and as reliably as all KIWOMAT coating machines. The SIMPEX is an excellent choice for any application and the ideal machine for high volume textile or medium format shops.