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Enthone Permanent Epoxy Marking Ink

Enthone Thermal Inks

Enthone Permanent Epoxy Marking Ink

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M-2-N Red (Cadmium)
M-4-N Yellow (Cadmium)
M-5-N Green (Cadmium)
M-6-N Blue
M-9-N White
M-0-N Black
M-0-NC Inorganic Black

Enthone Catalyst and Chemicals

Catalyst 20/A
Catalyst B-3
Catalyst 5
Catalyst 9
Catalyst B13/28
Catalyst 45
Catalyst 77
AD 2001
AD 2002
AD 2003
AD 3002


50-100R White
50-110RX White, Matte
50-201AR Lemon Yellow (Cadmium)
50-202BR Medium Yellow (Chromium)
50-206 R Orange (Chromium)
50-300R Emerald Green (Cadmium)
50-301R Deep Green (Cadmium)
50-400R Ultramarine Blue

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50-403R Light Blue
50-506BR Deep Red (Chromium)
50-507R Medium Red (Cadmium)
50-508R Medium Red (Chromium)
50-600R Chocolate Brown (Chromium)
50-700R Black
50-771R Flat Black
50-770R Black, Matte (Nonconductive)
50-771R Black, Gloss (Nonconductive)
50-800R Clear, Gloss
50-810R Clear, Matte